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Dragonfire Dragon Fire Racing – Beadlock Wheels

Tire issues are the last thing you need when racing and our Dragon Fire Racing beadlock wheels take care of that. Not just great looks but super high performance wheels to keep your tires hooked to the ground.


EPI EPI – Clutching

You don’t see a stock clutch set up in the NHRA so why would we expect anything less in the GNCC. EPI is the leader when it comes to CVT clutching. These clutches engage at the right RPM’s and backshift extremely quick. You can really feel the difference in the seat of your pants.


Ohlins – Suspension Ohlins – Suspension

Suspension equals speed and consistent lap times. Thanks to Ohlins for providing us with their race proven TTX shocks. Race them all day and they never fade over any terrain.


Speedwerx – Exhaust Speedwerx – Exhaust

The Speedwerx slip on muffler is a great way to build low end torque and overall horsepower. This muffler really comes through and is a must have performance piece, not to mention the awesome sound.


Vee Rubber – Tires Vee Rubber – Tires

The only way to hook all that power to the dirt is with a great set of tires and that is exactly what we got from Vee Rubber. Utilizing Vee Rubber’s Grizzly tires for the optimum of traction, handling and durability. Thank you Vee Rubber.


Web Cam – Camshafts Web Cam – Camshafts

This is the heart beat of your engine and will pump amazing amounts of power when done right. Web Camshafts sure does it right, our race units simply pull and pull and pull some more.


Wiseco Wiseco – Pistons

When you race you need the best in engine internals and that’s just what we got from Wiseco. Fully forged piston which is actually lighter and more durable than stock. The engine revs quicker and will turn high RPM’s all day long and just ask for more.



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